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photo courtesy of the City of Texarkana, Arkansas … Texarkana, Arkansas by Robert J. Thompson … A new year always invites optimism and opportunity for individuals in leadership. Being new to this area has created a lot of excitement for me and my family, and we are thrilled to call Texarkana home.

A True Symbol of Patriotism

photo by Matt Cornelius
In the early hours of New Year’s Day 1969, as the world celebrated the dawn of a new year, one man embarked on a journey that would define his life, reshape his values, and inspire a deep commitment to his country. Meet Greg Beck, a United States Marine Corps (USMC) veteran whose story is a testament to duty, sacrifice, and unwavering patriotism. … For Beck, the decision to join the military was not one he took lightly. He felt an innate sense of duty and a debt to his nation that called him to service. “I owed America,” he reflects.

Dear Mrs. (Slightly) Sophisticated

photo by Matt Cornelius
Every year during the holiday season, my mother-in-law reaches a frenzied state regarding gifts. From Black Friday shopping to Christmas morning, it is a nonstop race that makes us all forget the reason for the season. None of the rest of us care who bought the most expensive gifts or who spent more on decorations. Any way you can help me navigate this? Thank you, Miserable, not Merry Dear Miserable, not Merry, … You are not alone in this epic battle. Here are a few examples I have found regarding this issue. … Black Friday:

Arkansas Girls Lead

photos courtesy of Arkansas House of Representatives and Arkansas House Photographer Rayna A. Mackey
In our current society, we often find ourselves in a hyper-partisan world where it seems increasingly difficult to reach consensus on any issue. … If you’ve ever watched the Arkansas General Assembly debate a highly controversial piece of legislation, you might conclude your local lawmakers are just as deeply divided as those in Washington. … But I want to let you in on a little secret: most of us are friends.

2023 Realtor Spotlight

Selling a home by owner is tempting with websites such as Zillow to help with information acquisition. Some do not realize, however, how much time and money a Realtor® can actually save a homeowner. Bringing their knowledge of the housing market and experience to the table provides a potentially cost-saving experience to buyers and sellers.

Arkansas LEARNS

Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders surrounded by a group of students from Calvary Academy at the Arkansas State Capital while she signs the bill into law. photos courtesy of Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders released the following statement after the Arkansas Senate passed the amended Arkansas LEARNS bill, sending it to the Governor’s desk. … “Today’s final passage of the biggest, boldest, most conservative education reforms in America makes Arkansas a blueprint for the country. Arkansas LEARNS will raise teacher pay, empower parents, and give our students the skills to succeed in life. These changes can’t come soon enough,” Sanders said. “I’m deeply grateful for the legislators who worked around the clock to pass Arkansas LEARNS by massive margins:

Going Viral

photo by Matt Cornelius
In recent years, the rise of YouTube has revolutionized the way people consume and create content online. With over two billion logged in monthly users and countless hours of video uploaded every minute, YouTube has become a global platform where individuals and businesses alike can share their ideas, stories, and expertise with the world.

Locally Owned 2023

Discover the heartbeat of our community as we highlight Texarkana’s locally owned and operated businesses. Texarkana Magazine understands the unique essence and vibrant spirit that make our city truly special. As a dedicated member of this community, we take pride in showcasing the diverse businesses that bring life to our streets. … When you choose our local businesses, you are investing in the growth and sustainability of our community.

MyGOV TXK Initiative

photo by Matt Cornelius
The city of Texarkana, Texas, launches new MyGOV TXK Initiative to empower residents and promote civic engagement … Have you ever encountered an issue in your neighborhood, like a malfunctioning streetlight, an obstructed stop sign, or an unkempt property, and wondered how to report it? The City of Texarkana, Texas, has heard your concerns and is committed to improving the way residents communicate such problems. Introducing MyGOV TXK—a groundbreaking tool, designed to simplify the reporting process and keep you informed about the actions taken.

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