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Wisdom and Rubies

photo by Matt Cornelius
Wisdom is better than rubies. —Proverbs 8:11 … It was easy for Solomon to opine about the value of knowledge, experience, and good judgment. He was not worried about the source of his next meal, a safe and comfortable place to lay his head, clothing to keep him protected from the elements, or the cost of college for Rehoboam. It is good to be the king.

A Life of Service

Sarah, Bryan, Huck, George and Scarlett Sanders. Photo courtesy of Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Over the years, Texarkana has had bragging rights to being the hometown of many famous people, from actors and politicians to musicians and athletes. In 2017, Texarkana native Sarah Huckabee Sanders moved into the national spotlight when she became White House press secretary. The two years she spent in this role were challenging, to say the least. Imagine being the one who answers questions on behalf of the most powerful political leader in the world.

A Call to Action

photo by Eric Ethridge
Do you remember what it felt like the first time someone asked you for advice? Maybe you were at work one day and you suddenly realized you were the most senior member on staff. Perhaps you were in college and came home to visit your parents, who suddenly trusted your formal education and the knowledge you had gained. It might have been more recently than that, when your grown children finally telephoned to ask for help fixing a car or baking a cake.

Tradition of Remembrance

The land of the free and the home of the brave—this final phrase from our national anthem so beautifully depicts why the United States is the greatest nation on Earth. America is the land of the free quite simply because it is the home of the brave. For centuries, courageous men and women have set aside—sacrificed—their own wants, needs, and desires and answered a call to defend the life and liberty of all Americans. Many made the ultimate sacrifice and gave their lives in defense of the freedoms that we so casually enjoy.

Travel The World Without Leaving Texas

photo by Office of Senator John Cornyn
Summer is upon us, and many Texas families are taking advantage of the opportunity to get away. Well, not too far away. It’s hard for us Texas-lovers to venture too far outside our beloved state, but lucky for us, we can see the whole world without ever having to leave the greatest state in the nation. … If you’re looking for an Alpine adventure, there’s no need to hop a plane east to Europe. Rather, jump in the car and head to West Texas.

Getting It Right

We know little in youth, and often that is a good thing. We are impulsive, we can be arrogant and we certainly do not know enough about the world to make big decisions. That being said, the current generation of young people happens to be one of the most motivated and politically active since the civil rights movement of the 1960s. In my time within the political realm, I have learned four important lessons, and they are lessons people in politics should always keep in mind. … The small stuff matters. … The fall of 2020 was an enormous opportunity for everyone in politics.

Start a Business with Relationship Banking

Do you have a great idea you think would be a profitable business but are unsure of where to start? Are you overwhelmed with the business side of getting your innovative product out in the world? Is not having enough capital keeping you from making your dream a reality? You are not alone. Many people face the same obstacles in starting a new business.

Watch the Pitches

Watch the pitches this Thursday, March 31, at Texarkana's inaugural Pitch It Texarkana! Pitch It Texarkana was created by a group of Leadership Texarkana graduates and current students who joined forces. The competition focuses on igniting the entrepreneurial spirit and is specifically for Texarkana USA. The winner of the competition will win $5,000 and other prizes. … Pitch It Texarkana is turning strategic thinking into strategic doing. This unique Texarkana program aims to inspire startup companies and promote entrepreneurial synergy within our community.

A Boozy Business

photo by Matt Cornelius
Dating back to ancient times, wine has been a mainstay of societies around the world. It was used for centuries for its medicinal properties and even now is chosen for its rich antioxidants. It may be selecting the perfect wine to complement their favorite dish for some. For others, it is a way to relax after a long day. Wine is celebratory and used to toast a bride and groom. It evokes feelings of romance, elegance and timelessness. Champagne, a sparkling wine, is used to christen new ships and launch them on their maiden voyage.

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