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The Texarkana Arkansas High School (AHS) Razorback Band Program is hosting a district wide instrument drive from now until December 9. The school provides loaned instruments for all students throughout its 6-12 band program and over the past year, the number of students involved in the Razorback bands has grown to twice as many as in previous years. 

There are currently over 400 students enrolled in both the middle school and high school bands combined. Less than one third of those students own or rent an instrument from elsewhere. Students who are a part of the band program have opportunities to work and collaborate with their peers at a high academic level and learn to network and develop relationships with other students in and outside of the school district, and accessibility to instruments has made it possible for many of them. 

Eighth grade student and trumpet player, Bryant Moore, says, “Music has created a whole different path for me. I feel like there are many opportunities for me to do other music related things, like conducting and performing with my peers.” Band is not just for students who plan on playing their instruments beyond high school, and it is not limited to those who are especially gifted at playing an instrument. Senior high school student and tuba player, Luthor Gholson, states, “I’ve made so many friends, made lots of memories, and had the most fun I could possibly have throughout school. Making music has opened the door to so many opportunities to learn. It has shed a new light on how fun learning can be. I’ve used my music experience and knowledge to find new ways to think critically about problems.” The Razorback band is one HUGE diverse family and every student who joins this family has a place and will take the memories and lessons with them no matter where they go.

Both Bryant and Luthor are students who benefit directly from the AHS school loaned instruments. Both students admit this program made their participation possible and that without it, the expense of buying or renting an instrument may have made it impossible for them to participate. Many students in the TASD school district share similar financial hardships, so the district tries to remove any hinderances blocking their way. The Razorback band program hopes to rally community support in helping to keep instruments in the hands of those kids who wish to be a part of the band family.

If you have an instrument that is not being used and would like to help get it into the hands of someone who could benefit from it, please consider donating it to be used by a student of The Razorback Bands today! Drop off locations for the instrument drive will be at the Corner Pointe Assembly of God (make sure that you call the church before dropping off the instrument) and The Band House. 

Specific instrument needs are woodwind instruments, including saxophones, flutes, and clarinets, but all types of instruments will be accepted. Please ensure the instruments are not in need of major repairs. Instruments that fall underneath those descriptions will not be accepted. The Razorback Bands will also accept donations of reeds, and maintenance supplies like valve oil and cork grease. Once the donation has been made, you may request a tax-write off document for making your generous donation to the program!

The Texarkana Razorback Bands want to thank those in the community who will make those donations! Your contribution to the program will not only be greatly appreciated but will also be an asset to a child’s education.


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