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As we celebrate Texarkana Magazine’s three-year print milestone, it has me reflecting on the journey. We often stand “on the shoulders of giants,” but I see it as learning along the way from those who have paved our paths. They are everyday heroes—a supportive spouse or the encouraging dad. Our stories are colored by these silent giants who say, “I helped!” Remember to reminisce, show gratitude, and pass on wisdom this Thanksgiving. Our wins, big and small, we owe much to our mentors. As we move forward, let’s salute them and make them proud.

The Shark of Cass County

photos by Matt Cornelius
In the heart of East Texas, one often hears stories of individuals whose humble beginnings propel them into extraordinary journeys. Tony Buzbee is the embodiment of the American dream—an exceptional individual, achieving remarkable success while holding steadfast to his small-town roots. … Buzbee got his start at Queen City High School and has been making his mark and leaving a trail behind him with every step he has taken.

The Legend

photo courtesy of Pamula Pierce Barcelou (copyright 2019) | poster art by Ralph McQuarrie
Even the smallest towns of America have local lore as intricate as the largest cities. There is a legend in Fouke, Arkansas, that is well known among the locals and cryptid enthusiasts everywhere. The beast of Boggy Creek has spread its influence far beyond the land it’s said to inhabit. … Admirers of the story have come from afar to step foot in those infamous woods. One such traveler is Lyle Blackburn, author of various books covering the beast and other similar creatures. … As a child, Lyle Blackburn was fascinated by creatures such as Bigfoot, Yeti, and the Loch Ness Monster.

True Crime Obsession

Handprint of the suspect from the 1946 Texarkana Phantom Killer case file released by the FBI.
The addiction begins with a simple-minded curiosity, evolving into a craving to know more. Each terrible detail deepens the dependence. Carefully chosen background music, suspenseful presentation, and an intriguing cast of characters all contribute to a growing obsession with today’s hottest trend... true crime podcasts. … The rise of podcasts, YouTube channels, and even TikTok accounts has forever changed the way we consume news. Some of these accounts have completely dedicated themselves to becoming a major source of true crime information.

Lauren Davis Turner

Lauren Turner is a financial services marketing professional working on loyalty marketing campaigns for American Express. She has lived in New York City for the last seven years. She grew up in Texarkana and graduated from Pleasant Grove High School in 2016. Lauren received her Master of Business Administration from Montclair State University and her Bachelor of Arts from The King’s College.

Good Evening TXK

photo by Matt Cornelius
Ah, October—the month of crispy leaves, pumpkin patches, and Halloween costumes. It’s a time for spooky tales and candy-induced sugar comas. Or at least, that’s what it’s supposed to be. But apparently, someone forgot to inform the universe that October is not just the runway for December’s holiday extravaganza. … Let’s take a moment to collectively raise our eyebrows at the speed with which people shift from Halloween to Christmas these days. It’s like sprinting from your first bite of turkey to setting up Santa’s sleigh in the blink of an eye.

The Enchanted Corner of Pine

photos by Matt Cornelius
The magic of Halloween is upon us and at the corner of Pine and West 31st Street, you’ll find two families who work together each year to create a seasonal display that looks like it came straight from the set of Hocus Pocus. It’s here that Sha and Patrick Quinn and Samantha and Jon Stokes will work up to Halloween day creating a bewitching wonderland for trick-or-treaters. “We start about the first of September,” Patrick shares, “but keep adding as we find stuff.

Let's Roll

photo courtesy of T.J. Coltharp
The Bringle Lake Wilderness trail is a loop trail that measures approximately five and a half miles long, perfect for biking, hiking, walking, jogging, and exploring! Along the paths are mountain bike trails that have been developed and maintained by citizen volunteers and city staff. Bringle Lake Trail is a “Top 25 Mountain Bike Trail in Texas,” according to … These trails range from beginner and intermediate to advanced within the Bringle Lake Park Wilderness Area. The best entrance is from Bringle Lake Park East.

Arkansas Girls Lead

photos courtesy of Arkansas House of Representatives and Arkansas House Photographer Rayna A. Mackey
In our current society, we often find ourselves in a hyper-partisan world where it seems increasingly difficult to reach consensus on any issue. … If you’ve ever watched the Arkansas General Assembly debate a highly controversial piece of legislation, you might conclude your local lawmakers are just as deeply divided as those in Washington. … But I want to let you in on a little secret: most of us are friends.

My Drift

photo by Matt Cornelius
It’s Getting Hot in Here … I was somewhere in my forties when I told my doctor at my annual checkup that I felt very hot sometimes. … “It’s not hot flashes,” I assured her. “I just get really hot.” … Fast forward twelve months to my next annual checkup. My doctor checked her notes and opened with a question. … “Are you still having the hot flashes?” she asked. … Denial, as they say, isn’t just where they found baby Moses floating in a reed basket.

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