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For all fifteen years of our marriage, my husband Fred has wanted a camper for traveling. I grew up camping, and I loved it, but because of my experience, I know how much work goes into owning one. It is not like a hotel where you arrive and immediately start resting. After pulling into your destination, a camper then requires you to hook up all the pieces, set up all the things, make everything level, and do a good amount of organizing before you can relax and enjoy yourself. Then you get to do it all over again when you are ready to head home.

The Monthly Mix

Dressing in (Pantone®) Color for Spring … The Pantone® Color Palette for spring contains bright and bold colors that will look dazzling as the weather warms up. This year’s colors include shades of red, pink, orange, yellow, green, and blue. There are so many great outfit pieces and accessories available in these colors currently that can be added to your wardrobe. I am sharing some of my favorites that you can make a colorful statement wearing this spring. … This adorable jumpsuit is giving me all the spring vibes! I love the flowy design of the pants and ties at the neck.

Dear Mrs. (Slightly) Sophisticated

I have a co-worker who always sends snarky emails when we have group projects. She is not my supervisor, nor is she a friend. What are the rules of email that we all should use? How do I respond to this? Dear Non-Confrontational Communicator, … Email should be treated like a face-to-face meeting. Never say anything in an email you would not say to someone in a face-to-face meeting. That being said, many people do not understand this rule. There are many basic rules to professional correspondence, but they all boil down to my first sentence.

“Nothing Better”

photos by Matt Cornelius
Zach Yeldell, head worship pastor at Church on the Rock (COTR)-Texarkana, places great value in leading not only adults, but children and youth into what he feels is the foundation of Christian faith: worship. “It has radically changed my life,” Zach said. “It’s the one thing we get to do that blesses the heart of God. Our culture says that everything we do is about us, but worship is the opposite of that.

Have a Heart

Register as an Organ DonorYour donation could save a life like Texarkana resident Madeline Piña’s. … Most people know there is a need for organ and tissue donors. Still, they need to understand how urgent this need is. According to, 95% of Americans support organ donation, but only about 60% are registered to donate. … February is American Heart Month, and one Texarkana family understands why a heart is a valuable gift. To the Piña family, every day is another day they wait for the call that a heart is available for eight-year-old Madeline.

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