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Justin White

photo courtesy of Justin White
Justin White was born in Danbury, CT to his loving parents, Melodie and Mark White. The Whites moved to Texarkana early in Justin’s life, and Justin attended Wake Village Elementary, Texas Middle School, and graduated from Texas High School in 2013. After high school, White went to Stephen F. Austin University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in filmmaking. Upon graduation, White moved to Dallas, Texas, where he began his career in the film/television industry. White began working on commercials and concerts. In 2019, White worked on his first feature film Miss Juneteenth.

Make it Rein

photo by Matt Cornelius
Throughout history, cowboys have tended cattle beginning at sunrise and ended the day covered in dust from head to toe. The horses, though exhausted from the long day, would have gladly continued to ride the range. After a dinner around the campfire, cowboys and ranch hands longed for a hobby more entertaining than the monotony of the workday. … Putting their horsemanship to good use, these fun-loving cowboys invented their own kind of entertainment. They took the normal daily maneuvers of their horses and turned them into healthy competition.

Goldcrest Farms

photos by Valmont
Not Your Everyday Farm In Miller County … Farming is a second language to some and a foreign affair to many. Whether familiar or foreign to local Texarkana residents, it might surprise many that one of the largest farms in the United States sits in our backyard. Located along the riverbanks of the Red River and Highway 82, just 28 miles from Texarkana, Arkansas, and Interstate 30, Goldcrest Farms covers 25,000 acres of Southwest Arkansas.

Good Evening TXK

photo by Matt Cornelius
Why did the chicken cross the road? This may be the beginning of a joke with a million different punchlines, but it really got me thinking about opportunities. We all face pivotal points in our lives, running around like chickens with our heads cut off, trying to cross to the other side without giant mistakes. What if the answer to “Why did the chicken cross the road?” was to graduate from college? What if the chicken crossed the road to start over in a new city or build a new business?

My Drift

photo by Matt Cornelius
Hold the Phone … It was almost déjà vu. A homecoming event found me in the hallway of the sorority house where I had lived as a student fifteen years earlier. The sound of ringing telephones coming from every direction was familiar and brought back memories. There was, however, something new. … “Hi. You’ve reached Mindy and Jen. Leave us a message at the beep.” … Mind you, the answering machine itself was not novel to me. Our home phone had been monitored by one for years.

TXK 411

There’s no better way to fortify your garden while reducing your contribution to landfills than composting. Starting a compost pile can feel a little intimidating. Just remember to follow this simple equation... … CARBON + NITROGEN + OXYGEN + WATER + TIME = COMPOSTBOX SIZE … Aim for a box that is at least 3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet. Start with a thick base layer of brown material, including sticks, twigs, wood chips, hay, or straw to promote air circulation. Then alternate layers of greens and browns, making sure to always have a layer of browns on top, to balance the moisture.

The Monthly Mix

Father’s Day Style … The month of June kicks off summer fun and memories to be made. It is also a time when we recognize our dads for all they do with a special day just for them. Treat dad to a few of his favorites and spoil him for all the hard work he does. I have selected a few items that he will enjoy and are sure to make him feel very appreciated. … Help dad haul his beverages and snacks of choice around with ease. This soft-sided cooler with a zip-top closure is perfect for on the go.

USDA Announces New Steps to Enhance Organic Markets and Support Producers

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is taking additional steps as part of its commitment to strengthen the market for domestically grown organic goods, and to support producers seeking organic certification. These funding opportunities are part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Organic Transition Initiative, launched in fall 2022, which is a suite of offerings to help existing organic farmers and those transitioning to organic production and processing. …

Publisher's Letter

photo by Captured by Kelsi
My dad, Jay Simmons, has always been a hard worker. When I was a little girl, I remember riding with him in the back of 18-wheelers to deliver trucks to clients over the weekend. I remember thinking the bed in the back for taking naps during the ride was the coolest. I also remember spending many Saturday mornings watching television in my dad’s office while he worked. (Do you remember that commercial showing the eggs in a frying pan?

Going Bananas

photos by Matt Cornelius
How can you not be romantic about baseball?" —Billy Beane, Moneyball … … Baseball has been a constant for more than a century of American history, and people have set their calendars using opening day as a guide.

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