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Defining Zen

photo by Matt Cornelius
In the Arkansas countryside, nestled amidst serene surroundings, lies the tranquil retreat of Dustin Hughes and Lily McBryde. The expansive pasture is home to grazing cattle and the family’s three adorable dogs. Bordering the pastureland stands a tree line that adds to the overall tranquility.

A Sarine Thought… or Two

photo by Matt Cornelius
In the Thick of It … Hello friends! It’s been a hot minute since we last conversed, and I have missed you all. And when I say a “hot minute,” I mean boiling-lava hot. I do not recall a time before now when I was so busy. There are practices, games, services, commitments, appointments, meetings, parties, duties, and so forth. And those are just the things to which I am chauffeuring my baby child. I haven’t even counted all the things Ross and I have going on, both as individuals and as a couple. This season of life is simultaneously exhilarating and overwhelming.

TXK 411

Navigating a Roundabout … We know roundabouts differ from what we’re used to seeing around here, and if you are not familiar with them, they can be a bit tricky to navigate. … Roundabouts actually have several advantages over the stop signs or traffic signals found at more traditional intersections. They are designed to improve the traffic flow and reduce the number of crashes. However, they only work if everyone knows how to navigate them properly. Once you understand the basics, it’s really pretty easy.

The Monthly Mix

photo by Matt Cornelius
Front Porch Refresh … Your front porch is the entryway to your home, setting the stage for the warm welcome awaiting inside. Transforming your front porch doesn’t have to be complicated. From adding a splash of color with vibrant plants or ceramic pots, to updating your wreaths and doormat, sometimes, it’s the simplest changes that make the biggest impact.

Pets hold a special place in our hearts, becoming integral to our daily lives. While some people prefer either cats or dogs, others find room in their hearts for both. In our household, we’ve discovered that focusing our attention on one pet at a time suits us best, and currently, that’s a dog. Our oversized Bernadoodle, Palmer, makes our lives better with his presence. He stands out as the most affectionate yet challenging dog we’ve ever had because he struggles to make friends easily.

Always Learning

photo courtesy of Gary Kusin
Gary Kusin was born a third generation Texarkanian. His grandfather immigrated to Texarkana on his way to Monroe, Louisiana, to join his brother’s highly successful mattress manufacturing business. “The train stopped in Texarkana on a Saturday at lunch and all the farmers were in town selling their produce,” he said.

Maximizing Potential

photos by Kevin Goodman
Whether it’s a house she’s flipping or a business she is starting, Lauren Callaway Francis strives to create an end product that maximizes her vision. In her most recent remodel, she created both an amazing home and a unique neighborhood. “In 2020, I bought the ten acres across the road from this house with the intention of building a home someday for myself. Then, this property became available, and I didn’t really know what I was going to do with it but bought the house and another almost 12 acres. I initially rented this house out while I was trying to figure out what to do.

The Monthly Mix

photos by Matt Cornelius
Local Easter Basket Ideas for All Ages … Seersucker Easter Basket $32 comes in other colors and includes monogram, available @initialthings on Instagram … Bunnies by the Bay Grey Stuffed Bunny $54, and Canvas Easter Basket $32, available at Gable’s Gifts and Gratitudes … Cottontail Bunny Basket $56, and Striped “Jack” Bunny $22 available at Ginger Junction … (Monogramming available on all items) … BABY … KicKee Pants Tortoise and Hare Pajama Set $38.50 and Stripe Coverall $34.50, available at Dreidel Home + Sundry … Children’s Books available at J.

Publisher's Letter

photo by Brian Jones
Diving into the world of entrepreneurship and owning a business has been an extraordinary undertaking. Since launching my business in 2020, the lessons I have learned have surpassed all my expectations and my admiration for every business owner, large or small, has grown immensely. … Texarkana Magazine is a testament to the power of a family-run business. It is a place where everyone contributes. My husband and kids play an invaluable role, supporting my vision from behind the scenes and giving in countless other ways.

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