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Fudge, Divinity and a Cussing Fit!

We are of no relation, but Janice Porterfield is what I call a “constant” in my life. She lives in my hometown and I can always count on her to be watching my family from the outside looking in. I take comfort in knowing that she’s just a phone call away when I need encouragement or sound advice. It should also be noted that Mrs. Janice can cook you the best Texas sheet cake known to man, even though she hails from Tennessee.

The Gifts of Forever

The jewelry business is an event driven business. Often jewelry is given as a gift from one person to another or as a token of some special event in a person, couple or family’s life. Some of those gifts will be special enough to be passed from one family member to another through generations. They will become the heirlooms of the family. … Sometimes an heirloom can be a particular diamond or wedding set that will be passed along. It could be a special piece of jewelry that was custom made for a special event. Most of the time it will be a piece that is timeless.

How to “Wow” with Gift Baskets

What if you could give everyone on your shopping list a personalized gift? There is something special about giving a thoughtful, personalized gift during the holidays. Friends and family will love personalized gift baskets that are tailored specifically for them. Kat Stone, with Julie's Deli & Market, tells us how to make the perfect gift basket for anyone on your nice list. … Julie's is the perfect place because their well-stocked gourmet market is packed with delicious items for everyone.

Publisher's Letter

photo by Molly Kendrick
There are technically only five love languages, but I believe there is a sixth option… food. Food is one of my love languages. When I ask my family, “What do you want to do?” I’m really just asking, “What do you want to eat?” We’ve planned stops on road trips around meals, scheduled girls’ trip itineraries by who has the best brunch, and I have made meaningful memories cooking meals for family. Hello Fresh is a nightly routine at our house. My 10-year-old, John Henry, will sometimes help me prepare the meals. Those are minutes I will treasure for a lifetime.

A Sarine Thought… or Two

PHOTO BY Molly Kendrick
Christmas 2020—YAY or YIKES? … Whew! What a year it has been, to say the least… and I mean the very least. Pandemic. Economic shut down. School shut down. Church shut down. Quarantining with our people. Masks. Stage one opening. Stage two opening. Back to stage one opening. School re-opening with a virtual option. The election of the century. Good night! I’ve never seen anything like it! It makes me wonder, can something as regular as celebrating Christmas be a valid option this year? … Well, my friends, I’m just going to go ahead and claim Christmas as a YES!


This historic English Brick Tudor home was built in 1935. The architect, Lambert DeKoning, also built St. Edward’s Catholic Church in Texarkana in 1922. The home’s current owners, Summer and Cory Floyd, were a wealth of knowledge about the rich history of their beautiful home and were happy to share it with us. … The main house on this property is 3,200 square feet and has three bedrooms and two-and-a-half baths. This property also includes a one bedroom, one bath, fully equipped carriage house.

The ‘Price’ of Home Sweet Home

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as before the internet. There is such a thing as before Walmart. That “before” in my hometown of Atlanta, Texas, was and is Price Hardware. It’s a store in the old part of town; you know, the part of town unknown to travelers that pass through on US Highway 59. For seventy-four years, Price Hardware has been a staple in this small Texas town. It’s a place to buy nuts, bolts, garden hoses, and sandpaper. It’s also the place to have spare keys made: many, many spare keys. I refuse to point fingers on that one.

Rainbow Babies

Photo by Meredith Curtis.
Bridger and I met at Texarkana College in 2007 and eventually began dating. We were married in 2012 and moved to Baton Rouge, where we lived while Bridger earned his Veterinary degree at LSU. We moved to Northeast Texas in 2015 for his first job. Towards the end of that year, we began talking about starting a family. We always wanted children. We had been married three years, had stable jobs, and a wonderful church family. It was practical and made sense. … A few months later, on Easter Sunday 2016, we were out eating with some friends after church.

Out of Darkness Into the Light

PHOTO BY Molly Kendrick
Being THANKFUL means giving thanks for something that was given to you. … Being GRATEFUL means to appreciate what you have compared to what you want. … November… the eleventh month of the year, a time of transition from summer to fall, a month of anticipation–holiday festivities, family celebrations, and the countdown to a new year… leaving the old behind and stepping into the new, a time for thankfulness and gratefulness.

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