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photo by Tiffany Griffin
A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A FARMER … There are so many moving parts to running a farm and a business that it’s hard to encompass them all. Every day is different, and every day there are trials you did not have the day before. It is challenging and evolving, and it is a beautiful and hard lifestyle. Still, I feel it should be mentioned that I maintain a level of freedom that is enviable. Once my animals are taken care of, I can go help a friend, go to the lake with my family or take a vacation in the middle of the week.

Publisher's Letter

photo by Matt Cornelius
I’ve always thought of myself as someone who loves to be outside with nature and animals as long as the day can still end with a hot shower, air conditioning and a comfortable bed. So, as I was pondering the importance of our local farmers, I was a little awe-struck. I think work on a farm teaches life lessons early; it teaches lessons of the unjustness of nature, the payoff of perseverance, the redemption found in faith and hard work and the value of honesty.

The Monthly Mix

Gardening Style … May showers bring June flowers! The weather is finally sunny and warm. This means it’s time to spend all the time outdoors. It is a fabulous time to work on your outdoor space and gardens. Here are the cutest essentials that will help you make your garden the talk of the neighborhood! … This canvas utility apron also has capability to store tools as you work for easy access. There is even a pocket that’s perfect for your gardening gloves and phone! This apron can be easily adjusted to the perfect, comfortable fit.

TXK 411

photo by Matt Cornelius
As the gardens of Texarkana are bursting with fresh ingredients and our local farmers’ markets are making them easily accessible, now is the perfect time to make delicious homemade salsa! This simple recipe makes it easy to go from fresh ingredients to ready for snacking in about ten minutes. Serve it with salty tortilla chips or add to the top of your favorite Tex-Mex.

Bougie Grubs Garden Pizza


1 cup self-rising flour … 1 cup of plain greek yogurt … fresh rosemary


sliced cooked squash … mozzarella … prosciutto … olive oil … micro greens


… • Preheat the oven at 375 … • Mix flour and yogurt. Knead and shape into pizza crust’ … • Top with rosemary and place in the oven for 18 minutes. • Top crust with squash and cheese. Place in oven until cheese melts.

National Nurse Appreciation Week 2022

Once upon a time, I had big dreams of becoming a writer. I remember daydreaming (mostly in my high school algebra and geometry classes) about the day that Life Magazine would publish one of my stories and I would be set. The magazine was going to whisk me off to far-away lands to write stories about interesting people and events that would be historical. In my teenage mind, it was going to be just that easy and everything would go just as I planned. … After high school graduation, however, life crept up on me and I just sort of fell into the profession of nursing.

Three Sisters and a Baby

photo by Brian Jones
The bond between sisters is unlike anything else. They play together. They fight. They “borrow” each other’s clothes and hairbrushes. It is like living with your best friend and your least favorite mean girl simultaneously. If we do not have a sister, we want one, so we find a best friend and call her our sister. Books and movies like Little Women and My Sister’s Keeper are written and brought to the big screen to explore this one-of-a-kind bond. It is a complex and fascinating friendship—one in which there is indeed struggle, but also the knowledge that you never have to stand alone.

TXK 411

A Baseball Mom’s Secret … My oldest son is now 18, and he began playing tee-ball at three, which means I’ve been in the baseball-pants-cleaning-business for a solid 15 years. What started with one son playing baseball eventually became three sons playing, which transformed my laundry room into nothing short of mass chaos. … Between games and practices for three boys, baseball pants (and FILTHY ones at that) quickly took over my life, and I was desperate for info on how to get them perfectly white.

VRBO Bungalow

There is so much more to Texarkana than most natives realize. While many of us can’t imagine raising our families anywhere else we are often a bit surprised when someone new moves to town without being brought here directly by a job or family. It is even more surprising when we hear of someone coming simply to visit or explore. However, there are a growing number of successful vacation rentals right here in our backyard!

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