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Summer Activities for Kids … Summertime weather is heating up! Kids (and parents) are getting restless. When does school start again? It’s definitely time for some activities to keep the kiddos occupied as we go into the final month of the summer season. There are many different places for your kids to have fun in the Texarkana area, and I’m sharing a few of my personal favorites! … Buff City Soap … Looking for some “clean” fun? Your child can decorate and paint a mini bath bomb for free. These bath bombs not only smell great but are made of safe ingredients for the skin.

Publisher's Letter

Lordy Lordy, look who’s 40! That’s right, it’s me! I cannot believe I am officially a quadragenarian, which is apparently what they call those of us between the ages of 40 and 49. I guess I’m in the beginning stages of adulthood now, where metabolisms slow down, hair turns gray (or disappears entirely), and I’ll soon start using phrases like “back in my day.” Ah, the joys of becoming “wiser.” … Reaching 40 feels like crossing a bridge from youthful exuberance to moments of “Where did I put my reading glasses?” Suddenly, I notice mysterious aches and pains that seem to pop up out of nowhere.

From Pigskins to Beefmasters

photo by Matt Cornelius
Cobi Hamilton’s farm in Nash, Texas, is like driving up on a tiny slice of East Texas heaven. Observing the beauty of the wildflowers and the magnificence of the cattle is a mesmerizing experience. It is easy to see why, in a busy and complicated world, this is Hamilton’s oasis.

The Monthly Mix

Father’s Day Style … The month of June kicks off summer fun and memories to be made. It is also a time when we recognize our dads for all they do with a special day just for them. Treat dad to a few of his favorites and spoil him for all the hard work he does. I have selected a few items that he will enjoy and are sure to make him feel very appreciated. … Help dad haul his beverages and snacks of choice around with ease. This soft-sided cooler with a zip-top closure is perfect for on the go.

My Drift

photo by Matt Cornelius
Hold the Phone … It was almost déjà vu. A homecoming event found me in the hallway of the sorority house where I had lived as a student fifteen years earlier. The sound of ringing telephones coming from every direction was familiar and brought back memories. There was, however, something new. … “Hi. You’ve reached Mindy and Jen. Leave us a message at the beep.” … Mind you, the answering machine itself was not novel to me. Our home phone had been monitored by one for years.

TXK 411

There’s no better way to fortify your garden while reducing your contribution to landfills than composting. Starting a compost pile can feel a little intimidating. Just remember to follow this simple equation... … CARBON + NITROGEN + OXYGEN + WATER + TIME = COMPOSTBOX SIZE … Aim for a box that is at least 3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet. Start with a thick base layer of brown material, including sticks, twigs, wood chips, hay, or straw to promote air circulation. Then alternate layers of greens and browns, making sure to always have a layer of browns on top, to balance the moisture.

Publisher's Letter

photo by Captured by Kelsi
My dad, Jay Simmons, has always been a hard worker. When I was a little girl, I remember riding with him in the back of 18-wheelers to deliver trucks to clients over the weekend. I remember thinking the bed in the back for taking naps during the ride was the coolest. I also remember spending many Saturday mornings watching television in my dad’s office while he worked. (Do you remember that commercial showing the eggs in a frying pan?

Finding Forever

photos by Matt Cornelius
As a family of six, space and location were key factors when Sarah and Dr. Mike Wages were house shopping eight years ago. They eventually found the perfect-sized house just minutes from work and school, making it easy to overlook the dated decor to see the home’s potential. Sarah was also particularly drawn to the classic colonial architecture and the quiet cul-de-sac where she could easily envision the kids safely playing.

TXK 411

photos by Matt Cornelius
Potted PlanterTips … To encourage good drainage, use a rock or two to allow water to pass through the hole but not wash out the soil. … Don’t skimp on the soil. Good soil matters. … Read those plant tags while shopping. If they are planted together, they need to like the same light and watering cycle. … Feed your plants. Get a time release fertilizer. It makes your job easy! (Osmocote is my favorite). … Don’t forget to water! I like to water Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It’s easy to remember.

The Monthly Mix

End of Year Teacher Gifts … May is one of the busiest times of year for those with children in school. Proms, recitals, graduations, programs, and more all take place during this month. As the year draws to a close, it is also a great time to show appreciation to teachers who have had a hand in helping your child grow during the school year. I am sharing end of year gift ideas any teacher would love to receive.

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