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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas … Treat mom to some items to help her get summer ready for Mother’s Day! These ideas will take her from morning workouts to pool days and barbecue nights. Throw in a gift card for a massage or pedicure for the perfect gift to celebrate all she does for your family! … Help mom keep her face looking young and fresh while protecting it from UV rays all summer with an SPF! This one also acts as a primer you can put on before make-up or wear alone.

Publisher's Letter

photo by Matt Cornelius
“DON'T FORGET TO PRESS RECORD!” … I tell my family that this would be the title of my book if I ever wrote a book. I always intend to record memorable moments but somehow I always seem to forget to press record. This week, I was documenting what I was sure would be a lifelong memory, only to realize too late I hadn’t pressed the record button until it was all over. Even with my below-standard videoing skills, I have managed to document much of my kids’ lives, but they will never understand the joy of watching the VHS tape recording of a dance recital made with an 80s camcorder.

From New Guinea with Love

In 1943, a letter addressed to Sergeant James Hughes made its way from Mineola, Texas, to the jungles of New Guinea. Serving his time on the South Pacific Island in World War II, James considered the letter a welcomed sight, until he read its contents. It was a Dear John letter from his girlfriend back home.

Blackberry Lemonade Cocktail

INGREDIENTS … 1 Lemon … 3 TBSP Sugar … 2 TBSP Whiskey … 3/4 cup Water … 6 Fresh Blackberries … Fresh Mint Leaves … DIRECTIONS … Cut the lemon in half and squeeze the lemon juice into a mason jar.

The Beauty of an Unexpected Life

Dealing daily with the unexpected, never knowing or understanding when, what or where this mystery began, hoping for God’s grace to carry you from day to day and that society will learn to understand what may not be understood… This is the reality for my family as we live with autism. … In 2014, after failed attempts and much prayer, my husband and I were blessed with a son, Caleb. He was perfect to us. He was healthy and had ten fingers and ten toes. At that moment, nothing else mattered. We marveled over his every move! We videoed every smile, bath, laugh and even some crying.

When the Time Comes

Have you ever had the difficult task of making final arrangements for a loved one or family member after they passed away? Most people have no idea how much there is to do or how many decisions there are to make until they have been forced to sit in that chair. Until you have been in those shoes, most remain unaware of what final arrangements cost. The best way to protect your loved ones from that difficult task is to plan your arrangements ahead of time.

TXK 411

photo by Matt Cornelius

Doesn’t everyone just love a grilled cheese sandwich? April 12 is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day! So, just in time for patio weather, we are learning how to bring this tried-and-true favorite outside to the grill. With just a few simple ingredients you can create something delicious!

… • Start with a not-too-hot pan and with room temperature butter to begin cooking. • Pick a nice crusty bread. We chose a traditional sourdough and an out-of-the-box raisin pecan bread. About a half inch thick keeps your bread to cheese ratio just perfect. • Spread both sides of bread with butter.

Modern Aesthetics

photo by Matt Cornelius
One of the best parts of spring is getting outside to enjoy patio weather, and there is no better place than the enchanting backyard of Melanie and Chad Dowd. When they bought their house three years ago, they knew they wanted to maximize the indoor and outdoor living that the floor plan already encompassed. The Dowds wanted to create a space that continues to welcome their (almost) grown children and give their friends a haven where they could hang out. … The home itself is a notable example of 1970s modern architecture, reminiscent of the style of Richard Neutra.

Publisher's Letter

“I thrive in the chaos.” … I jokingly say this to people amid packed schedules and the constant challenges that arise. A typical day for us is running a business, working full time, household chores and all the after-school activities our three kids enjoy. While we all seem to complain about the monotony of the everyday, if we are honest, we recognize that every day comes with a certain amount of uncertainty. … For example, something I seem to be frequently holding my breath about these days is paper. A nationwide paper shortage is a very real problem when you are in the magazine business.

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