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Stepping out of the small town of Atlanta, Texas, into the bright spotlight of the University of Kentucky’s basketball courts, freshman Daimion Collins is finding his stride and making his mark. … Collins is a quick, mobile, agile and springy post player who flashes truly elite upside… … He is a super long player with a reported 7'5'' wingspan (and it shows). He’s also a quick twitch athlete who is fluid in his movements, has elite first and second jump and is simply a far superior athlete than any other player on the court.

Good Evening TXK

photo by Matt Cornelius
Imagine my harrowing dismay when I reluctantly attended my church’s Super Bowl party in 2012 only to find out that during Madonna’s halftime show (the only reason I would even attend a Super Bowl party to begin with), they were going to be cutting the projector screen off and giving us a mini-sermon instead. Shock. Disappointment. Anger… many emotions were rising within me. … No one may have understood the POWER that Madonna bringing a then fresh faced Nicki Minaj on stage with her would’ve had at the time, but I, at a ripe 14 years of age, KNEW! I knew, and I wanted to see it all go down.

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