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Fudge, Divinity and a Cussing Fit!

We are of no relation, but Janice Porterfield is what I call a “constant” in my life. She lives in my hometown and I can always count on her to be watching my family from the outside looking in. I take comfort in knowing that she’s just a phone call away when I need encouragement or sound advice. It should also be noted that Mrs. Janice can cook you the best Texas sheet cake known to man, even though she hails from Tennessee.

Christmas Punch

If you can believe it, Christmas is ten days away. Say what!? I have no clue where the first two weeks of December went. … If you’re anything like me, you still have gifts to wrap, shopping to be done and maybe even need to put up your Christmas tree. Luckily, somehow everything seems to always magically come together in the end, leaving time to sit back and enjoy the festivities with a cocktail in hand. Here is a must try Christmas punch that can be enjoyed with or without alcohol!

The Gifts of Forever

The jewelry business is an event driven business. Often jewelry is given as a gift from one person to another or as a token of some special event in a person, couple or family’s life. Some of those gifts will be special enough to be passed from one family member to another through generations. They will become the heirlooms of the family. … Sometimes an heirloom can be a particular diamond or wedding set that will be passed along. It could be a special piece of jewelry that was custom made for a special event. Most of the time it will be a piece that is timeless.

How to “Wow” with Gift Baskets

What if you could give everyone on your shopping list a personalized gift? There is something special about giving a thoughtful, personalized gift during the holidays. Friends and family will love personalized gift baskets that are tailored specifically for them. Kat Stone, with Julie's Deli & Market, tells us how to make the perfect gift basket for anyone on your nice list. … Julie's is the perfect place because their well-stocked gourmet market is packed with delicious items for everyone.

Publisher's Letter

photo by Molly Kendrick
There are technically only five love languages, but I believe there is a sixth option… food. Food is one of my love languages. When I ask my family, “What do you want to do?” I’m really just asking, “What do you want to eat?” We’ve planned stops on road trips around meals, scheduled girls’ trip itineraries by who has the best brunch, and I have made meaningful memories cooking meals for family. Hello Fresh is a nightly routine at our house. My 10-year-old, John Henry, will sometimes help me prepare the meals. Those are minutes I will treasure for a lifetime.

Recipe of the Week

Mediterranean HalibutINGREDIENTS … 4 - 8 oz Halibut Filets … TOPPING … 3 - Tbsp Kalamata Olives … 3 - Tbsp Sundried Tomatoes … 6 - Tbsp Mayo … 2 - Garlic Cloves … ¼ tsp Dried Oregano … ¼ tsp Dried Dill … ½ tsp Coriander … 2 - Zested Lemons plus Juice of One … 1 - Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil … Salt and Pepper to taste … … METHOD … Preheat oven to 375 degrees. … Lightly pulse ingredients in food processor.

The Business of Mankind

PHOTO BY Molly Kendrick
Few holiday stories are as well-known or as well-loved as Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. It’s a timeless story that has entertained generations of readers. There are truths that play out in the life of the story’s main character, Ebenezer Scrooge, a miserable man who is blinded by his insatiable appetite for money. At the beginning, Ebenezer is visited by the ghost of his recently deceased business partner, Jacob Marley, whose spirit returns for the sole purpose of warning the bad-tempered old miser of the awful reality that Marley has discovered after his death.

Right or Left to the Promised Land?

As the fervor of the recent election season slowly recedes, it is helpful to reflect on what has transpired over the last few political cycles. Though reasonable people may disagree over methods, models, and modalities, it is undeniable that the concept of ‘identity’ rests at the core of our struggle. Firmly establishing who we are, both individually and in the broader social context, is critically important to building healthy relationships, and when our sense of identity is challenged, it undermines the integrity of our structural framework.

A Texarkana Story

PHOTO BY Molly Kendrick
This month’s issue of Texarkana Monthly is a sentimental look into the history of Texarkana. These twin cities have been deeply enriched by so many people with fascinating stories, traditions, and resources. We are taking the opportunity this holiday season to reflect on where we came from, who we are, and where we are going. So much of our incredible past is completely unknown to most of the community, but it’s a history that is worth knowing and passing on to the next generation of Texarkana residents.

The Man and His Donkey

In the 1890s the U.S. Congress made the mailing of “penny” post cards legal. Their use became an instant success—specifically among business and vacation travelers on railroads all over the nation. These postcards were very slow, but they were an economical means of communicating. Basically, it was a penny for the card and a penny for the stamp. In a week or two, the kinfolks in Chicago could get word on their family traveling to Waco, or the Texarkana businessman could send a note to a client in St.

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