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Good Evening TXK

photo by Matt Cornelius
April is International Guitar Month which is something I never would have known had I never started playing guitar because it would not have interested me. How cool is it that there’s an entire month dedicated to an instrument? … The Guitar & Accessories Marketing Association (GAMA) and the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) founded International Guitar Day in 1987 to promote guitar sales around the world.

Let The Good Times Roll

(L-R) Evey Martin, Grace Otwell,  Callie-Jo Brookes,  Abby Wren,  Sydney Reynolds. photo by Matt Cornelius
Would you believe bowling dates back to 5200 BC? The ancient Egyptians rolled stones at objects aiming to knock them over. Over time, other bowling variations emerged from the original ancient Egyptian game. Today, besides the mainstream version of bowling, two different forms of the game continue to be played, including lawn bowling and Bocce. Several historical figures that have enjoyed the sport are King Henry VIII and Martin Luther. Francis Drake is rumored to have been engrossed in a game at the arrival of the Spanish armada.

Join Opportunities, Inc. and the Angel Guild of Opportunities for the First Annual Sunday Funday that will be held this Sunday, April 3, 2022, at 4:00 PM at Crossties in downtown Texarkana. This event will include live entertainment, barbeque, brews and baggo. Come listen to up-and-coming Nashville star, Lil' Skinny while enjoying barbeque from Naamans. A baggo competition will also be taking place if you choose to participate in a bracket. All proceeds will benefit children and adults with disabilities in our community. Make sure to purchase your ticket! … Opportunities, Inc.

Distinguished Speakers Series with Captain Scott Kelly

The Farmers Bank Foundation is bringing astronaut, author, speaker, and retired U.S. Navy Captain Scott Kelly to Texarkana as a part of its Distinguished Speaker Series. The April 7th event is being organized to raise funds for scholarships for Texarkana College and University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana students who earn their associate degrees and transition to Texas A&M University-Texarkana to complete their bachelor’s degree. … Distinguished speaker Scott Kelly is a retired astronaut and Navy captain who is a former fighter pilot, test pilot, and engineer.

Celebrating Women Authors

I have had the great fortune in my 40 years of life of being surrounded by powerful, impression making and deeply impactful women. From my girlfriends, to former and current co-workers, to the strong women I am lucky enough to be related to. I can easily pinpoint a nugget of truth I have learned from each of them. Likewise, I have the distinct honor (and pressure, let’s be honest) of raising two little ladies, so when it comes time to celebrate Women’s History Month, I’m giving a standing ovation and clapping the loudest.

Good Evening TXK

photo by Matt Cornelius
I know St. Patrick’s Day is associated with fun parties and getting pinched if you aren’t wearing green, but beyond that, I knew little about it. So, I decided to research. Did you know Saint Patrick was born in Britain during the Roman period but eventually became a slave in Ireland? Did you know that Saint Patrick is also believed to have gotten rid of all the snakes in Ireland (even though snakes don’t usually live in places like Ireland anyway, so who knows about that one?). And where in the world do these leprechauns come from?

Toss for a Cause

The Junior League of Texarkana provisional class is hosting a cornhole tournament, “Toss for a Cause,” at Crossties on Sunday, February 27th at 2:00 pm. The proceeds from this event will go towards the provisional member project, “Make a Change”. The goal of this project is to purchase diapers and wipes for families in need. This project is in partnership with Opportunities, Inc. who will store and distribute these items to clients, as needed. … The event will also include an alcohol pull and a silent auction.

A Mountain Top View

When my husband and I had been married for six months, we took a ski trip to Colorado with his family. My husband had been skiing once before and loved it. I had never had a pair of skis on my feet, but he ran through the basics on the plane ride to Steamboat Springs and assured me I would be a natural. He was so certain of my innate ability that he told me to skip the bunny slope and took me straight to the top of the mountain on my very first attempt.

Roots & Wings

Stepping out of the small town of Atlanta, Texas, into the bright spotlight of the University of Kentucky’s basketball courts, freshman Daimion Collins is finding his stride and making his mark. … Collins is a quick, mobile, agile and springy post player who flashes truly elite upside… … He is a super long player with a reported 7'5'' wingspan (and it shows). He’s also a quick twitch athlete who is fluid in his movements, has elite first and second jump and is simply a far superior athlete than any other player on the court.

Good Evening TXK

photo by Matt Cornelius
Imagine my harrowing dismay when I reluctantly attended my church’s Super Bowl party in 2012 only to find out that during Madonna’s halftime show (the only reason I would even attend a Super Bowl party to begin with), they were going to be cutting the projector screen off and giving us a mini-sermon instead. Shock. Disappointment. Anger… many emotions were rising within me. … No one may have understood the POWER that Madonna bringing a then fresh faced Nicki Minaj on stage with her would’ve had at the time, but I, at a ripe 14 years of age, KNEW! I knew, and I wanted to see it all go down.

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