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Corbell-Singh Wedding

My husband, Gagandeep Singh, and I come from different countries and cultures. We are both very family-oriented, and it was important to us that we spent plenty of time with family as we celebrated becoming one. We are so thankful to God for bringing our cultures together through two weddings, and we are excited to see what adventures life has in store for us. … On December 19, 2022, Gagandeep and I had a traditional Punjabi wedding in my husband’s homeland of Punjab, India.

Morris-Bright Wedding

Q. How did you meet? … We met online! Cross’s cousin went to the same college as I did, and we were on the same dance team. Jaden, his cousin, posted a picture of the two of us on Facebook. Cross saw the picture and became interested in me. From there, he messaged me on Instagram, we facetimed for a month, and then he drove four hours to where I was going to school to take me on our first date. … Q. What drew you to each other? … I loved how outgoing and fun he was, but he was also so intentional.

Bougie Grubs Banana Pancake Bites

This simple and beloved recipe will have you humming Jack Johnson's “Banana Pancakes” with a smile on your face. … INGREDIENTS … 1 cup of pancake mix … 1 cup of water … 1 banana … DIRECTIONS … 1. Mix pancake mix and water to create a batter. 2. Slice bananas. 3. Dip banana slices in batter. 4. Place dipped banana slices on a hot griddle or skillet.

Bledsoe-Williams Wedding

Q. How did you meet? … Wren and I met through mutual friends when we were 15 years old. We grew up hanging out with similar friends, but our paths had not crossed before. We became friends during the summer after our freshman year of high school and started dating shortly thereafter. For most of our high school years, we went to different high schools across the state line.


One thing that I know for sure about the Royal Family is that everyone has an opinion. Mostly differing. Beyond that, it’s hard to tell what’s real and what is as made up as a Walt Disney fairytale. As Americans, we’ve only “known” the House of Windsor from across the pond and through the tabloids.

Love... It's A Big Deal!

Here we are again. Another February is here, and we all have love on the brain. But what is love exactly? Love is a word with a thousand meanings, and we use it a hundred times a week. We love our families. We love pizza. We love that certain smell or the new iPhone. Technically, it is the same word, but “love” is the vocabulary equivalent of a costume which has a variety of masks. In one sentence, love’s mask is emotional and declares devotion. In another sentence, love’s mask simply identifies preference and guides our daily choices.

Lindsey-Nix Wedding

Q. How did you meet? … We officially met through a mutual friend in eighth grade at North Heights Junior High, but we first met in kindergarten at Trinity Christian School. … Q. What drew you to each other? … Baylee: He was the cute new kid that hung out with all of my friends, and I was a mutual friend of all of his friends. I don’t know if we could pinpoint what drew us to one another... we were 14! I can say that once we got into college, I was drawn to how confident he was in any situation.

Madlock-Althoff Wedding

Q. How did you meet? … We met each other about a month after I had moved to Las Cruces. We were set up on a blind date and met at a Mexican restaurant in El Paso. When we sat down, the conversation came very easy, Matthew ordered for me with confidence since I had only ever had Tex-Mex, and then we stayed chatting for almost two hours. We went on a second date three days later, and the rest is history! … Q. What drew you to each other? … We started dating in 2018 and were long-distance until the spring of 2019, when Matthew graduated from Texas Tech.

Thigpen-Parks Wedding

Our story is a simple one but an everlasting lovely one for sure. Once I graduated from college, I had no desire to get married. Several of my close friends married immediately after college; however, I wanted to pursue my career and travel the world. God heard me and answered my prayers. As I continued to mature, my heart changed, and I wanted to share my life with someone. In 2016, Emma Duncan, one of my church members and friends, said she wanted me to meet someone. She was a personal friend of his sister, Schlandra Waller. I trusted my friend, so I said, "Okay.

New Branch of the East Texas Food Bank Brings New Resources to Texarkana

The East Texas Food Bank (ETFB) will open a new multi-service branch in Texarkana this winter, southwest of downtown. … “The healthy food pantry will distribute food five days a week, serving approximately 160 client households per day through a client-choice distribution model,” said Dennis Cullinane, CEO of the East Texas Food Bank. “This enables the individual to select items they want. ETFB estimates the Texarkana Branch will serve 840,000 meals a year.

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