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Advice for soon-to-be college freshmen from a college senior who dreaded college but can’t wait to go back. … So, you finally graduated from high school and honestly don’t know how much of your life will ever look the same. On top of preparing to leave and saying far too many goodbyes, you may be unsure of what to expect in your first year of college, you’re likely nervous about all the changes, and you will undeniably try to imagine what the next phase of your life will look like.

Bougie Grubs Sweet Tea

I have been asked more than once how to make sweet tea. I assumed that everyone knew how to make this Southern staple. So, in honor of my birthday month, I am sharing my all-time favorite beverage in this world. Adding extra ice and a lemon slice, will make you feel like you are in heaven.


3 Luzianne Family Size Tea Bags … 4 Cups Boiling Water … 1 1/4 Cups Sugar … 4 Cups Water … Ice … Lemon … Mint


… • Steep 3 tea bags in 4 cups of boiling water for 5 minutes … • Add 1 1/4 cups of sugar to a pitcher … • Add tea and stir … • Add 4 cups of water and stir.

Back to School First Day Photos

I have always loved back-to-school time of year, but every teacher just cursed me. There is something about a fresh start I crave and need; new school supplies and getting back into a much-needed routine. The cooler weather is just on the horizon. Ah! I cannot wait! It is my absolute favorite. … I also love that my newsfeeds on Instagram and Facebook are filled with pictures of your kiddos looking great on the first day back to school. But I am a mom too, and I know what’s really going on. You (the mom) are running around like a crazy person, ensuring your kids are ready for their first day.

Decorating for College

Decorating a dorm or sorority house room is a fun and creative process that allows you to personalize your living space and make it feel like home. Here are some tips and ideas to help you decorate your college home away from home:

… • Start with a plan: Before you begin decorating, take some time to plan out the overall look and feel you want for your room. Consider your style, color preferences, and any specific themes or aesthetics you wish to incorporate. • Check regulations:


I am itching to get to the present since I’ve truly learned to live right here, where we all belong, but I also want this to have as much impact as possible. That keeps me writing in the past, attempting to give a full view of my world from the ‘start’ of my second life to where I am today. For that reason, the next natural step is to write about what was happening 13 years ago at this moment.

Texarkana Named Finalist for Viewer’s Choice Episode of “The Daytripper”

The city of Texarkana has been named as a finalist for the Viewer’s Choice episode of “The Daytripper” with host Chet Garner. This program follows its host as he takes day trips to visit unique Texas communities and well-known landmarks. “The Daytripper” is aired on the PBS station, which broadcasts to 48 states, and has won 13 Lone Star Emmys since it began filming. … “The Daytripper” is currently in the middle of filming Season 14 and will have a Viewer’s Choice episode to accompany the rest of their adventures.

Hooks High School Senior Perspective

As the pages of the book of life turn unceasingly, we encounter the many different chapters that make up our own unique story. Of those, few can argue the significance of high school; during this period, the people and experiences we encounter help us mold our identities and determine our direction as we prepare to, inevitably, set off in the world. I was fortunate to have met incredible people that I can call my friends and teachers, and – though it definitely took me a minute – I was able to find the direction I wanted to lead my life. That said, freshman year was a rough year for me.

Ashdown High School Senior Perspective

As the valedictorian of the Class of 2023 at Ashdown High School, I could not express my gratitude for all the opportunities offered at Ashdown Public Schools. Being a member of many clubs, organizations, and aspects at AHS changed my life forever. At the beginning of high school, I would have never imagined all the opportunities I would be presented with. From the countless skills I developed to the many friends I made, I could not say any of it was possible without AHS.

Ashdown High School Honor Graduates

Reagan Burden is the Valedictorian of the Class of 2023. She is the daughter of Jeanne and David Burden. … Reagan was the section leader in the Purple Pride Marching Band (PPMB), member of Four States Honor Band in 2022 and 2023, class representative, Senior Class Secretary, SkillsUSA State Treasurer, SkillsUSA State Reporter, SkillsUSA Chapter Secretary, SkillsUSA Chapter Vice President, SkillsUSA Chapter Treasurer, member of Targets, Treasurer of National Honor Society, President of National Honor Society, Secretary of Beta Club

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