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Maud High School Top Ten

Alyssah Snow is Valedictorian of the 2023 graduating class of Maud High School. She is the daughter of Karl and Lynda Snow. She is a High-Honor graduate in the Top 10% of her class. She is also a Texas Scholar and a member of ACT’s Silver Award Club. Alyssah also participated in the Maud High School Marching Band throughout high school. Alyssah is an editor for the Maud Cardinal Yearbook. She is a member of the Maud High School Chapter of the National Honor Society.

Celebrating the Fourth of July

Reflecting on Independence and Unity … Every year on the Fourth of July, the United States of America comes alive with a vibrant display of patriotism, community spirit, and a celebration of freedom. This particular day marks the nation’s Independence Day, commemorating the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. As families, friends, and communities gather together, the Fourth of July serves as a reminder of the values that underpin the American identity.

I'm Here to Share

The minute that you start living your life like it’s a blessing, it becomes one. … Did I really leave a cliffhanger in the last article? It makes me laugh a little just thinking about it because of the response it’s received. The backstory is I didn’t even reread the last article before submitting it. I wrote from the heart, and I knew if I wanted it to be out there, a second look would cause doubt in my mind about saying these things out loud. … Many people think my hesitation is about guilt over the situation, which is a piece of it. It’s a guilt you wouldn’t believe.

Genoa Central High School Top Ten 2023

Faith Baker—VALEDICTORIAN … Favorite high school memory? After I lost my dad, all of my friends and teachers really came together for me and assured me everything was going to be okay, and that was very helpful, and it meant a lot to me. … Most impactful teacher? Mrs. Ditmore … Plans after graduation? I plan to attend the University of North Texas in Denton and double major in mathematics and studio art with the intent to become a high school teacher. … … Maggie Thomas—SALUTATORIAN (TIE) … Favorite high school memory?

Genoa Central High School Senior Perspective

A month after graduation, I received a text from my counselor asking me to write an article from a senior perspective. At first, I was hesitant, only because writing has never been my strength, especially in school. As I thought about it more, I knew exactly what I would want to talk about and share with all of you. This was something that had consumed many months of my senior year. … My mother, Myla Whitehead, is the most hardworking, caring, selfless, and loving woman I know. In my 18 years of living, she has always gone above and beyond to care for her family and many others around her.

TASD Top Ten 2023

Parker Wade Bennett—Valedictorian is the son of Kenny and Jo Bennett. He has one brother Riley Bennett. … During Parker’s high school career, he has been an active member of the National Honor Society, the 2023 EAST Conference team, and captain of Texarkana Arkansas Trap team. Parker is active in scouting and earned the distinguished rank of Eagle Scout. … Parker has received many honors and awards during his years at Arkansas High.

TASD Senior Perspective 2023

Remember... life is full of ups and downs. Without the downs, the ups would mean nothing. … As my freshman year at Arkansas High approached, many emotions ran through my head. Of course, I was excited (who wasn’t?), but I also felt overwhelmed and scared. On August 14, 2019, I woke up thinking, “WOW, is today really my first day of high school?” If you know me, you know I had my hair curled, my makeup done, and a carefully chosen outfit. My friends always gave me a hard time because they knew I was never coming to school looking a hot mess unless, on the rare occasion, I overslept!

TISD Top Ten 2023

VALEDICTORIAN—John Thomas Borowitz II has been named the Valedictorian for the 2023 Texas High School graduating class. He is the son of Mr. & Mrs. John Borowitz. … John Thomas is a member of the National Honor Society, the ACT Hall of Fame, the United States Senate Program, the Calculus Club, and the Statistics Club.

TISD Senior Perspective

And you have been filled in him, who is the head of all rule and authority. —Colossians 2:10 … It can be easy to get caught up in accolades, especially in high school, where there’s an award ceremony, certificate, or title for everything you do. Especially as a senior, someone that everyone wants to recognize somehow before they leave. Especially as a teenager, someone fighting to figure out who they are and who they can be.

LEISD Top Ten 2023

Valedictorian DEREK J. MURPHY, JR. is the son of Angela and Derek Murphy. Derek was involved in Future Business Leaders of America, National Honor Society (President), Band (Head Drum Major), Student Leadership, UIL, Varsity Golf, Talent Search (TC), Gifted and Talented, Interact Club, Texas Boys State, and Spanish Club. … … Salutatorian ABEL SILVA is the son of Esmeralda and Erasmo Silva. Abel was involved in Band, Student Council, Student Leadership, Interact Club, Spanish Club, Soccer, Talent Search (TC), Future Business Leaders of America, National Honor Society, and UIL.

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